We are on an island so you need either a ship or a plane...

As soon as you set off you can either take a taxi (0039.0789.69150), take a bus to the city centre (Aspo 0039.0789.553800) or hire a car.

We would strongly recommend hiring a car, a scooter or whatever... so that you will be free to move around as you like. Especially in low season when public trasport is pratically non-existent.


However travelling by train in Sardinia can be quite an experience, as even D. H. Lawrence found out. It allows you to wind down slowly after the hustle and bustle of city life but you must arm yourself with a lot of patience...
If you should choose to move around by coach, than you will make life a little bit easier for yourselves as there are daily coaches that reach the main cities and most seaside resorts.


 Automobile Club Italiano (tel. 116)



B&B Porto Romano

via Nanni, 2 - OLBIA centro  

tel.: +39 349 1927996